#Winelovers United in Athens

4 March, 2016

winelover_athensTwo weeks ago, the #winelover community gathered from all corners of the world to celebrate its 4th anniversary. Given that wine is made pretty much all over the globe, with plenty of wine growing regions to choose from yet far more wine lovers to do so, for this year 2 spots were picked for hosting the celebrations: mother of Sherry and beautiful city in Spain, Jerez and so-called mother of Democracy, Athens in Greece. Calling the second one my home, I got really excited and looking forward for the meet up. Yes, there’s more!

Mindful Drinking by WorldClass 2016

3 March, 2016

WorldClass_2016On the occasion of the upcoming second phase announcement for Diageo’s WorldClass competition next week, I’d like to go back a few months and refresh our memories on the previous challenge and of course, the first bunch of finalists who will compete for a spot at the Global finals in Miami in September. Yes, there’s more!

*The Graduate*

11 February, 2016

Although not a clearly booze related subject, for me, graduating university  was definitely affected by my parallel bar “career”… Hadn’t I been involved in the industry, who knows, I might already be teaching or writing in an official capacity…

Yes, There’s more!

*Whisky is the New Black*

20 January, 2016

IMG_6702In the last 5 years, whisk(e)y consumption has grown significantly across the globe proving once again that it undoubtedly remains on the top among the world of spirits. The rapidly increasing consumption of whisk(e)y in countries apart from the ones that actually produce it, either straight or as an ingredient in cocktails, has led to an also increasing demand for a broader range of styles which, in turn, has allowed –if not demanded- more distilleries to be founded and for the ones already existing, to broaden their variety of products. Yes, there’s more!

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