World Class Greek Bartender 2016

15 June, 2016

When I left the Old Exchange Market on Monday afternoon, four bartenders were hours away from presenting what could be their greatest professional accomplishment so far. Being a World Class finalist is a pretty darn good thing after all! Yes, there’s more

World Class Greece Finals 2016

11 June, 2016

WorldClass_2016.042When it comes to accomplishments, just like with school, what would a whole year of efforts be, without a spectacular finale? Speaking of spectacular, great applause goes to all eleven finalists who made it to the World Class Greece finals and gave their personal touch of greatness to this very special event. Yes, there’s more!

Negroni Week means Drinking for a Cause!

8 June, 2016
photo found in

photo found in

The most celebrated cocktail of all time has given it’s name to a whole week. But no, it is not just another trade show for the business. It is a week during which, more and more bars every year, mix up and serve Negronis, donating part of the earnings for charitable causes. Yes, there’s more!

Kefalonian Wines in Athens!

29 May, 2016

A couple of months ago, and just after the biggest wine exhibition had taken place in Athens, a team of five winemakers from the island of Kefalonia, joined forces and introduced the winelovers crowd, to indigenous varieties and their delicious wines, in what is probably one of the best wine bars in the country. Yes, there’s more!

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