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  • *Paris, I Love You (part 2)*
  • *Paris, I Love You (part 2)*
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*Paris, I Love You (part 2)*


 Well, as I mentioned in the previous Paris post, there are never enough photos. Of course, the ones showcased, are not all I took. They are just the most representative selection of what we did, saw, ate and drank in Paris. In it’s majority, the city of light, is a rather dull, greyish city. However,… Read More

*Paris, I Love You (part 1)*


A little more than a year ago, I finally got the chance to visit one of my all time favorite places to go, Paris, France! As all of my travels so far, it was just a short visit of four days, but it did just as good! I went with mr. T there and luckily… Read More

*Athens Gastronomy Days*


Last Sunday, I attended a very interesting seminar, organized at the Benaki Museum, here in Athens. The seminar, “It’s all about the Bartenders: Global Cocktail Trends”, was a part of the 3 day culinary festival called “Gastronomy Days” in which many accomplished and recognized professionals of the hospitality industry such as chefs, oenologists, journalists and… Read More

*The Awesome Duo*


31 years ago, a man met a woman. He was 32. She was a little younger than me, 22. She came to spend a summer in Greece for work all the way from the UK. From what I’ve heard, it must have been love at first sight.Today, these two people consist one of the most… Read More

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