*Whisky is the New Black*

20 January, 2016

IMG_6702In the last 5 years, whisk(e)y consumption has grown significantly across the globe proving once again that it undoubtedly remains on the top among the world of spirits. The rapidly increasing consumption of whisk(e)y in countries apart from the ones that actually produce it, either straight or as an ingredient in cocktails, has led to an also increasing demand for a broader range of styles which, in turn, has allowed –if not demanded- more distilleries to be founded and for the ones already existing, to broaden their variety of products. Yes, there’s more!

*Cheers to a Happy New Year*

31 December, 2015
IMG_5197 (2)

it’s a blurry one here i know, but i like it a lot. cheers!

I’ve never done well on sticking to my New Year’s Resolution’s list. Quite frankly, I almost always fail them. Yet I find a certain necessity to the whole process of actually writing down things you want to better in your life, or even leave out. Life is all about evolving, and if crossing out a few habits is what it takes, then I am all in! Yes, there’s more!

*The Theory of Elements*

16 December, 2015


It is super exciting when someone asks me to write about a new cocktail menu. And it gets even better when the one I am writing about, is a cool and laid back, vanity-free guy such as Manolis Lykiardopoulos. I wrote about him this summer, when he won the WorldClass Greece 2015 competition (see here & here) in Greece and then, represented us in the Global Finals in Cape Town, where he managed to get to the top 6. My very first impression of him, a couple of years ago, was not the very best, I honestly thought he was a little too arrogant. But ever since, he has proven me wrong in the most delightful way. After his appearance in South Africa, we got to work together for a Diageo event, where we had an interesting conversation about our job and I realized how down to earth this guy actually is. Yes, there’s more!

*Athens Bar Show 2015 Recap*

26 November, 2015

IMG_5370In the past 6 years, the hospitality industry in Greece, against all odds, has expanded rapidly. While other fields’ businesses shut down monthly if not weekly, every now and then, a new coffee house or bar opens its doors to the thirsty public. More and more attention and detail is put on specialty products and professional equipment that has forced a demand for specific training and education to emerge. That said, as one of the most promising and fast evolving cities (when it comes to the beverage culture) Athens, could not be left out and not have its own bar oriented exhibition. The Athens Bar Show 2015 took place on the 3rd and 4th of November, where it has seemingly found its home, at The Technopolis in Gazi area. Yes, there’s more!

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