*Female Bartenders Alliance*

28 March, 2015

What’s the first image that comes in mind when you hear the words “woman” and “bar”?
I’ll dare to take the chance and say it would definitely include provocative cleavages, heavy make-up and a seducing smile? Yeap, that’s what I figured!10517500_674468695997065_1139071719561335238_nWell, let me introduce you to the 21st century and inform you that the reality considering bars and women behind them (not on them) has radically changed due to a few fierce females out there, some decades ago who managed to overcome gender discrimination and prejudice working environments and made a huge impact on the drinking business. Yes, there’s more!

*Bella Italia: Day 2*

23 March, 2015

DSC04718Piedmont (/ˈpiːdmɒnt/; Italian: Piemonte, pronounced [pjeˈmonte]; Piedmontese and Occitan: Piemont; French: Piémont) is one of the 20 regions of Italy, and second largest after Sicily. We got to see quite a lot of it, although you would actually need to spend about a month there to say you have an idea of what Piedmont is about. The name Piedmont comes from Medieval Latin Pedemontium or Pedemontis, i.e., ad pedem montium, meaning “at the foot of the mountains” (attested in documents of the end of the 12th century). Yes, there’s more!

*Bella Italia: Day 1*

12 February, 2015

IMG_3438The thing about traveling, is that there is never enough time. You are never satisfied enough to leave your destination feeling full and ready to get back το your reality. But if you get the chance to escape for even a few days, it’s amazing how energized and motivated you instantly feel knowing that you only have a couple of days to make the most out of your trip. Yes, there’s more!

*Paris, I Love You (part 2)*

20 June, 2014

 Well, as I mentioned in the previous Paris post, there are never enough photos. Of course, the ones showcased, are not all I took. They are just the most representative selection of what we did, saw, ate and drank in Paris.DSC02570 Yes, there’s more!

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