*Wisdom of the Week*

Hello there and good morning! These past few weeks I feel as if I’ve only witnessed things happening and not really experiencing them myself. I’m in that phase when you have zillion of thoughts and ideas in mind about things you want to do with the house, your body, your future, your friends etc… but […]

*Sunday Field Trip*

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write this past month but most of the times I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I have been working 5 night shifts per week and although it’s exactly what I wanted in terms of reorganizing my finances, I can totally feel my energy levels hitting it […]

*The Awesome Duo*

31 years ago, a man met a woman. He was 32. She was a little younger than me, 22. She came to spend a summer in Greece for work all the way from the UK. From what I’ve heard, it must have been love at first sight.Today, these two people consist one of the most […]

*Forces of Nature*

A couple of days ago, the first autumn rain made it’s appearance here in Athens. It was just after we had finished work, so my friend and I decided to grab a beer and some crisps and drove to a hill with spectacular view of the northern suburbs. I noticed the lightning going on in […]

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