*Eat your Omega 3*

24 August, 2015

Oh no no, don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to preach on nutritional do’s and dont’s. I’m only here to let you know about a real culinary gem you might not have heard yet, in Greece. Yes, there’s more!

*WorldClass Greece – The Great Finals – The Great Winner*

26 June, 2015
Selfie appropriate moment with 2014 winner Teo Spy

Selfie appropriate moment with 2014 winner Teo Spy

As foreseen, the event started with some delay and with all welcoming speeches and introductions, time passed and both competitors and supporting crowd were growing quite impatient for what was coming… All twelve had prepared for the final challenge, the Time Traveler, in which they had to make their own signature suggestion on the future of the iconic Martini Cocktail, yet only 3 would move to the next phase. Yes, there’s more!

*WorldClass Greece – the Great Finals*

24 June, 2015
Group Hug before we start!

Group Hug before we start!

Last Monday, I was invited to watch a highly anticipated event for the drinks business here in Athens, the Greek finals for Diageo’s WorldClass Competition. Bartenders and bar enthusiasts have been waiting for this day, knowing that by that night, one lucky guy or girl would hold the dearly coveted prize of the winner, and more importantly represent our country at the global finals in Cape Town in the end of August! Yes, there’s more!

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