WorldClass Competition: Second Time Around

27 April, 2015

The second time around, as always, felt much better than the first, was more organised and was conducted way more confidently. Maybe it was the theme of the challenge, or the fact it was my second time. A major factor for my better performance though, I honestly believe was the fact that our judges for this go were not bartenders or bar gurus, but people standing on the side of the consumer. DSC04577
We were really lucky to be judged by such lovely people as Sandrae Lawrencee and her husband Gary Sharpen, aka ¨The Cocktail Lovers¨. It was truly a great pleasure to be making drinks for these two and it made it much more fun for me even though it still was for a competition! So, thank you for these two gems Diageo team! Yes, there’s more!

WorldClass Competition: First Time Around

27 April, 2015

My first time ever to compete in a drinks competition, I nearly died. I was sooo stressed and anxious I nearly forgot my English. (I mean, hello? I’m half English). I also forgot to play my background music, blushed way too much my make-up could not save it, forgot the words I had practiced on saying, didn’t finish stirring the cocktail all that well and then forgot the measurements I used in my drink when I was asked. DSC04049Is it just me or did I really use the word ¨forget¨ three times? Yes, there’s more!

*The WorldClass Experience*

20 April, 2015

It’s a WorldClass week again for the bartenders here in Greece and since my apartment is literally a mess these days from wall re-painting, I figured I could just do some photo-sorting out. And there, somewhere in between files of sunsets, memorabilia and random summer shots, I ran into a folder of my very own WorldClass experience. Two of them actually.481787_461421593926433_11956924_n Yes, there’s more!

*Female Bartenders Alliance*

28 March, 2015

What’s the first image that comes in mind when you hear the words “woman” and “bar”?
I’ll dare to take the chance and say it would definitely include provocative cleavages, heavy make-up and a seducing smile? Yeap, that’s what I figured!10517500_674468695997065_1139071719561335238_nWell, let me introduce you to the 21st century and inform you that the reality considering bars and women behind them (not on them) has radically changed due to a few fierce females out there, some decades ago who managed to overcome gender discrimination and prejudice working environments and made a huge impact on the drinking business. Yes, there’s more!

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